Ethiopia’s Backyard

There’s not one adult that doesn’t appreciate at least the smell of a great cup of coffee. From the time that the bag of beans are shaken, all the way to the moment the steam rises from the cup to your nose; the amount of pleasure, calm, and even nostalgia that coffee can provide, is nothing short of amazing. But it’s not until we step out our comfort zone, or perhaps, just explore our passion or love for it, that we discover hidden treasures beyond what our eyes can see. The relationship that the human race has with coffee starts as far back as the 10th century, perhaps further. The genesis, of course, beginning in the rugged ancient country of Ethiopia.

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About Us

With the history of coffee and it’s influence on the world reaching back many centuries, there are many unseen, and perhaps untold stories of this worldwide commodity.  Today’s Coffee Blog will bring you up to date on the journey of eclectic coffee beans from around the world, from undomesticated brewing methods, to the weak brew we enjoy in our own living rooms. Expect a timeline of wonders in enjoying coffee from the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, to the humble brewing methods of Texas wood-fired concoctions.  Each week will feature a new approach on the divine “black gold” that we call: Coffee.